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How often should my HVAC air filter be replaced?

We recommend checking the air filter every month and replacing it if necessary. Some higher-efficiency pleated filters can last up to three months, but we’d still recommend checking them monthly during peak season.

How frequently should I have my system serviced?

We suggest seasonal maintenance. A professional technician should perform pre-summer maintenance on your AC unit at the end of winter or beginning of spring. Your furnace should have pre-winter maintenance performed at the end of summer or beginning of fall.

What’s the average life span of a central air conditioner?

The standard industry estimate is 10-15 years.


Are maintenance contracts important?

We can’t think of one single service that is more important than the maintenance of commercial HVAC systems. A well-maintained system positively impacts productivity. If you value efficient workflow, a preventative maintenance contract should be at the top of your annual maintenance list.

How do your commercial maintenance services benefit my business?

MaxAir has a full complement of light commercial services, including maintenance plans. Our commercial preventative maintenance services benefit your business by:

  • Boosting your bottom line with lower utility bills
  • Reducing breakdowns and downtime
  • Decreasing the need for unplanned midseason repairs
  • Improving your HVAC system’s longevity

What can your technicians do?

Our certified technicians provide the following services:

  • Repairs of existing equipment
  • Full HVAC system or component installation
  • Consultation on new system choices
  • Preventative maintenance plans

Home Warranty

What can I do to prepare for technicians?

The best preparation before the MaxAir team arrives is to do whatever you can to make it easy for them to access your unit. Make the path to the inside unit as clear as possible; remove anything that could impede the team’s progress. And, if your outside unit is being replaced, remove debris, leaves, or branches from the area.

Should I be there on the Service Day?

We recommend that you be present or have someone that you trust present, to show the team in and direct them to the fuse box. Our technicians are pros, so after the initial “lay of the land,” they should be ready to begin work. The installation will take time, but you do not need to stay with the team. It’s OK for you to relax in another area of your home, the team will let you know if they need you.

Will your technicians give me instructions if they install a new system?

Absolutely! One of the technicians will go over all the features of your new system. You’ll learn all the how-to tips of running it and how to handle any do-it-yourself maintenance. Now is also an excellent time to ask any additional questions you have about the system.

What to Expect

I understand MaxAir works with my home warranty company, can you explain the relationship and you work together?

Sure. If MaxAir is working with your home warranty company, it means that we belong to their preferred network of professional trade contractors. What our relationship with the provider means for you is the convenience of having a trusted, local repair company service your home warranty needs.

This is how the process works: If something goes wrong with your system, you will call your home warranty representative, and your representative will call MaxAir’s team. Once our technicians are assigned the job, they’ll contact you to set up a convenient time for a service call. Your warranty company has a set fee that you’ll pay, according to your contract.

How do I find out what my home warranty covers?

We highly recommend that you refer to your home warranty service contract for specific information about your plan. You may also check the home warranty company’s website or contact them directly regarding your plan coverage.

Is MaxAir’s preventative maintenance agreement part of my home warranty contract?

No. The annual preventative maintenance agreement for your seasonal maintenance is one of MaxAir Heating & Cooling’s service offerings. We believe that it’s beneficial to have a preventative maintenance agreement in addition to a home warranty because many home warranty contracts do not cover units that are not well-maintained.

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